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Scorpio Season: An Interview with Liam McConville

By Jessica Kulick

Words are symbols. They signify meaning but they’re not meaning itself. Poses and movements are symbols too. I would encourage anyone aspiring to be more fluent in a language, whether it’s written, spoken, or body language to focus always on finding the clearest path to meaning.

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The Art of Listening

by Ryan LeMere

Throughout the afternoon, her grandmother, Bhag Malhorta, shared the stories of their family’s past. A traumatic past. An unspoken and sometimes responseless past.

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Maang-tikka brought from D.I Khan, North West Frontier Province to Delhi. 
Complete installation of 'Remnants of a Separation' at FoFA Gallery, Montréal, 2015.

On the Presence and Purpose of Memory

By Jessica Kulick

This is the practice of not making the same mistake twice: because while the first time really is a mistake, the second time, it’s a choice. Remember, the lesson will repeat as necessary, in as many situations and throughout as many lifetimes as it takes for you to learn it. In yoga we call this karma.

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Bearing Witness from the Prairie to 5th Ave

By Caroline Contillo

What in your life gives you a broader perspective? Where can you sit down and take the long view? Where can you see the furthest distance? What helps you extend your vision generations into the future? If you don’t have any of this naturally built into your day, where can you find it?

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