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Good Medicine

By Jessica Kulick

“She called being in nature ‘good medicine,’” my boyfriend says to me, after a conversation with Lisa Levine. It’s a phrase that sticks with me. A few weeks later, I speak to Lisa on a morning of torrential downpour. It’s the sort of rain that seems more appropriate to a thunderstorm in the tropics than a Brooklyn spring, nature announcing her presence with every crack of lightning. So I ask her about what she said.”.

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How to Map a Poem– with Katonah Yoga

by Ryan LeMere

I can’t remember exactly when I first heard about Katonah Yoga, Nevine Michaan’s 30 year old studio now based just north of New York City. Amongst other yoga teachers it was always a “you just have to go” conversation– an indescribable, intellectual mysticism that could only be experienced. Intriguing, sure, but I wasn’t really hooked. Until I saw the maps.

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The Growing Pains (and Pleasures) of Creativity

By Ryan LeMere

“I can’t really think of anything that hasn’t made me more miserable than trying to mix an album,” which was taking the better part of a year. “It doesn’t get any easier… But what does become easier is that you just get used to the way your brain works. Having made two records before and having gone through it, there’s a knowledge there.”

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Bearing Witness from the Prairie to 5th Ave

By Caroline Contillo

What in your life gives you a broader perspective? Where can you sit down and take the long view? Where can you see the furthest distance? What helps you extend your vision generations into the future? If you don’t have any of this naturally built into your day, where can you find it?

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